Natural Fiber Fair 2015
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Teachers, if you did not receive an application for 2015 and would like one please contact Carin at

Check back  here in the Spring for a list of the 2015 Workshops

Listed below are the workshops from 2014

Workshops 2014

To Register
By Mail:  Send a check made out to Natural Fiber Fair along with a note listing the classes to:
Carin Engen
43 Alice Avenue,  Garberville, CA  95542
On line:  Click the Buy PayPal button (must be a PayPal member) and go through the process of purchasing through PayPal.  You need to do this for each class separately as we don't have a shopping cart.  Thanks.  Print and bring your PayPal receipt to class.  We will also have a PayPal received list.

You can contact Carin by email at:

Saturday Afternoon Workshops  1:30 - 4:30 (3 hours)

Saturday 1:30 - 4:30
Felted Artful Vessel                 This class is full
Carin Engen 

This workshop will introduce you to the ancient process of wet felting. The basic seamless technique taught in the class can be used to make everything from purses to vests. Make a very artful vessel using variegated hand-painted wool, boucle' yarn and Bombyx silk to "paint" the wool. Layering, resists and cut outs will also be covered. It's color play while learning what felt is all about.

Experience: Beginner, intermediate, advanced
Student should bring: 
Each student needs to bring an old towel, sharp pointed scissors, a dish pan and hand soap, I like Kiss My Face Olive Oil bar soap, boucle' yarn and bits of stuff for embellishment, if they wish.
Materials fee:  $16.00
Class fee:  $40.00 + $16.00

Total:  $56.00


Saturday  1:30 - 4:30
Warp Painting for Weavers             This class is Full
Linda Hartshorn  

Painted warps add a whole new dimension to your weaving, and they are so much fun to weave on!  Paint a tencel warp for a scarf with fiber reactive dyes.  Learn about using color, how to sett a warp emphasis fabric, and how to use warp painting in combination with various weave structures.  Take your painted warp home to weave!

Experience:  Student should know how to wind and tie a warp
Student should bring: Student will need to buy yarn before class and wind and tie a warp according to instructions.  They should bring the warp, gloves, old clothes/apron, 2 heavy dowels or broom sticks 2 ft. long, 4 'C' clamps, scissors, plastic shopping bags to put wet yarn in, and a small jar with a lid.
Materials fee:  $10  includes all dyes, brushes, workshop notebook with dye formulas
Class fee:  $40.00 + $10.00
Total:  $50.00 

Saturday  1:30 - 4:30
Eco Printing on Silk
Janis Thompson 

Using Natural Dye elements like leaves, blossoms, sticks, mushrooms, lichen, cochineal bugs, logwood, madder sticks, weld leaves......etc. we will PRINT with PIGMENT contained in the above to make a lovely SILK Habotai Scarf. Nature amazes us with it’s ability to provide a wide array of COLOR!
Each student leaves with a beautiful silk scarf....wonderful as a gift. We will go WILD­Crafting to find some of the materials, students may also want to bring a bag of STUFF from their yard or garden...start putting them in the freezer NOW!

Experience:  All skill levels
Student should bring: Paper, pencil, apron, and may want to bring wildcrafted materials from their own garden
Materials fee: $15.00
  includes pvc, silk scarf, dye materials
Class fee: $40.00
Total:  $55.00 


Saturday12:30 - 4:30  (Note *4 hours)
Color Designing with Fibers
Crystal Estelle-Dobbs 

Whether you’re a spinner, felter, or other fiber artist, color is an important element of your work! In this 6 hour intensive class you'll blend dyed and natural colored wool fibers to create a color wheel of primary, secondary & intermediate color combinations. You'll then use natural colored wool to create pastels and shades. Finally, learn how complex color theories can be used to create specific effects and moods in your fiber craft.

Experience:  All skill levels
Students should bring: Hand or drum cards or blending board
Materials fee:   $25.00  includes wool fiber, color wheel templates, tint-shade templates, color theory templates
Class fee:  $50 + $25.00
Total:  $75.00  


Sunday Afternoon Workshops  1:30 - 4:30 (3 hours)

Sunday 1:30 - 4:30
Feast-Art Yarn
Janis Thompson 

Never heard of it......that’s because I invented it and it is BRAND NEW!!! Build a spinnable feast from everything but the kitchen sink, this ART YARN extravaganza is best when done in color teams. On a big table we will lay out layer after layer of wool, mohair, silk, rovings, ribbons, yarn, angelina, and more....then scoop it up, take it to the wheel and using our biggest and slowest whorl..make a HEAVENLY BIG mixed media yarn. Plied with fine thread, this yarn will definitely win the BEST of SHOW ribbons!!!

Experience:  Student should know how to spin yarn
Students should bring:
 Spinning wheel and equipment
Materials fee:  $15.00  includes all materials including fibers, ribbons, yarn, and Angelina
Class fee
:  $40.00 + $15.00
Total:  $55.00 


Sunday  All-Day Workshops  9:00-4:30  (6 hours)          
                        (Break 12:00 -1:30)

Sunday 9:00 - 4:30
Introduction to Wheel Spinning

Crystal Estelle-Dobbs 

The craft of handspinning yarn is the foundation to a life-long passion of fiber arts! In this 6 hour intensive class you'll create wool yarn from start to finish on the spinning wheel. Learn how various wool structures and fiber preparations effect your yarn as you build basic handspinning skills. Gain an understanding of the mechanics of your wheel, accessory tools and spinning techniques.

Experience:  Beginners and Self-Taught Spinners
Students should bring:  Spinning wheel, wheel oil, lazy kate, 3 bobbins, niddy noddy
Materials fee:  $15.00  includes wool fiber and handouts
Class fee:  $80.00 + $15.00

Total:  $95.00 

Sunday 9:00 - 4:30
Indigo Shibori

April Sproule  and Linda Hartshorn 

Linda and April are happy to have the opportunity to share their expertise with you in this informative technique packed workshop on indigo shibori.  In the morning, April will teach several basic and intermediate shibori techniques including arashi, itajime, and kumo styles. Students will learn to prepare their fabric by stitching, pleating, and binding the fabric in order to replicate their favorite shibori patterns. In the afternoon, Linda will guide the participants in the art of indigo dyeing as they dye the fabrics that they have prepared. The process is fairly simple, yet the results are absolutely stunning. This workshop is suitable for everyone, and no prior experience of any kind is necessary.

Experience:  All levels
Students should bring:  
  • Heavy weight thread for hand stitching in white or cream (the Coats button/craft thread or the buttonhole twist will work fine)
  • Hand sewing needles with an eye large enough to accommodate the thread
  • Seam ripper, scissors,
  • One ball medium weight crochet type thread in white or cream.
  • Rubber gloves
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • Plastic dish pan
  • Garbage bags for transporting any wet fabrics
  • The following items are optional  and can be used when clamping the fabric

          1. Small pieces of wood in different shapes (available at Michael’s).

    - not more than ¼” thick, not larger than 4” in diameter

    - Triangles, circles, and squares are great

     2. 6-10 pony clamps (metal spring loaded clamps with the orange plastic tips available at  hardware stores).



  • at least two yards of cotton, silk, or linen
  • white or natural only; no previously dyed fabrics
  • PFD (prepared for dyeing) is best, but must be prewashed with no fabric softeners added.

We will have some PVC pipe for you to use, but if you have any please bring it. Any diameter from 2” – 8” is great. Wear old clothes and bring an apron if desired.

Materials fee:  $5.00  includes indigo dye
Class fee:
 $80.00 + $5.00
Total:  $85.00 

Sunday 9:00 - 4:30
Barefoot Backstrap Band Weaving

Janet Finch 

Students will learn to weave on a pre-warped band. They will learn a pattern that is taught in South America to children first learning to weave.  This pattern leads to many other patterns. Students will learn to warp their own bands, make string heddles, and should be able to go home and recreate the project.

Experience:  All skill levels
Students should bring:  Pencil and paper
Materials fee:  $5.00  includes fiber for weaving and use of class backstrap loom
Class fee:  $80.00 + $5.00
Total:  $85.00 

Sunday  9:00 - 4:30  (6 hours)
Basket Weaving
Laura Doyle Wilder 
**Katrina Sky Weaver taught this class with Laura
To learn more about Katrina visit her website at:                                                 
In this workshop, Katrina will show you some of the local plants used in basket weaving.  She will get you started in the making of your own personal basket.  It is a fun class and fills fast.

Experience:  All skill levels
Students should bring:  Maybe an apron
Materials fee$20 includes all you need to make a basket
Class fee:  $80 + $20
Total:  $100.00  

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