Natural Fiber Fair 2016

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Check back here in early spring for our workshops for 2016

Below is the list of past workshops
  2015 Workshops

To Register
By Mail:  Send a check made out to Natural Fiber Fair along with a note listing the classes to:
Carin Engen
43 Alice Avenue,  Garberville, CA  95542
On line:  Click the Buy PayPal button (must be a PayPal member) and go through the process of purchasing through PayPal.  **You need to do this for each class separately as we don't have a shopping cart.  Thanks.** 
Print and bring your PayPal receipt to class.  We will also have a PayPal received list.

You can contact Carin by email at:

Saturday Morning Workshops  9:00 - 12:00 (3 hours)

Saturday 9:00 - 12:00  (3 hours)
Hand Carding: How to be Skillful, Not Frustrated
Crystal Estelle-Dobbs 

Handspinners can buy an assortment of fibers already prepared into batts, sliver or top. But did you know for every fiber you can buy already prepared, there are twice as many available unprocessed, just waiting for you to discover? Samples of a wide variety of hand cardable fibers will be handled, however in this skill building class we will keep our hands-on practice focused on wool. Learn how to card effectively, plus the 3 basic formats hand-carded fibers can be prepared for spinning yarn OR wet-felting. Let the creativity flow as you gain this basic fiber preparation method our ancestors mastered centuries ago!

Experience: Beginner, intermediate, advanced
Student should bring: 
Wool Hand Carders (teeth between 98 and 112 TPI), plastic tub, small spray bottle, wash cloth, shoebox.  Some tools can be provided with prior notice.
Materials fee:  $15.00
Class fee:  $40.00 + $15.00

Total:  $55.00


Saturday  9:00 - 12:00  (3 hours)
Band Weaving:  Introduction to Baltic and Scandinavian Pick-up      Bandweaving            
Tracy Shapiro 

Learn the basics of Baltic and Scandinavian Style Pick-Up band weaving. Explore the almost endless design possibilities of this versatile technique using a traditional Back-strap Style Ridge Heddle Loom. All aspects of this technique will be covered from warping to finishing. We will also touch on the historical and cultural background. All materials provided including full loom setup, yarn and instructional materials.

Experience:  All welcome
Student should bring:
Work light suggest but not required
Materials fee: 
$30.00 (includes $25.00 for Band Heddle, Back-strap Loom)
Class fee:  $40.00 + $30.00
Total:  $70.00 

Saturday Afternoon Workshops 

 + Saturday  12:30 - 4:30  **Note: 4 Hours
Introduction to Acid dyeing

Janis Thompson 

Learn the Janis way to use Jacquard Acid Dyes. Using all safety precautions we will explore mixing stock solutions, Primary, Secondary & Tertiary colors on Yarn, Roving and Fleece. High immersion, low immersion and handpaint will all be done in class by students. You will leave with plenty to spin and a more confident comfort level for your own dye kitchen.

Experience:  All skill levels
Student should bring: Paper, pencil, apron,
Materials fee: $15.00
Class fee: $50.00 (4 hrs) + $15.00
Total:  $65.00 


Saturday 1:30 - 4:30 (3 hours)
Band Weaving: Bound Rosepath (Krokbragd)
Tracy Shapiro 

Take traditional 3 harness Norwegian Krokbragd (Bound Rosepath) and turn it on its side to create sturdy colorful bands. This technique,  normally woven on the warp weighted loom using three shuttles can be translated to the Inkle loom using one shuttle. The design possibility are endless. Explore all aspects of this technique from warping to finishing. All materials provided including yarn and instructional materials.  Bring your own Inkle loom and shuttles. If you don't have an Inkle loom, please call ahead to arrange a loaner.

Experience:  All Welcome
Students should bringWork light suggested but not required
Materials fee: 
Class fee:  $40.00 + $5.00
Total:  $45.00


Saturday  All Day Workshops

Saturday 9:00 - 4:30   (6 hours)  *Break: 12:00 - 1:30
Beginning Weaving Intensive
Linda Hartshorn 

Want to learn to weave but don’t know where to start?  Or in need of a refresher to get you going?  This class is for you!  Discover the joy of weaving in just one day as you weave on easy-to-use, pre-warped four shaft table looms. Create a sampler in a variety of twills, plain weave and basket weave. Technique will be covered as well as how to wind a warp and thread a loom, and how to read a weaving draft.


Experience:  Beginners and experienced
Students should bring:
  Scissors, glasses if you wear them
Materials fee:  $30.00  includes all materials needed
Class fee
:  $80.00 + $30.00
Total:  $110.00 


Sunday Morning Workshops

Sunday 9:00 - 1:00 (Note** 4 hours)
Botanical Printing
Carin Engen 
                                                        THIS CLASS IS FULL

Botanical Printing is amazing. Just take leaves, stems, steam them rolled up in wool fabric around a pipe and "tada", you have imprints of the leaves. It is almost that easy but you need to learn the basics, make a sample and have fun seeing what happens in this 4 hour workshop. You will have the experience to go home and experiment to your heart's content. I will supply the wool fabric in the material fee and bring lots of vegetation and show lots of samples.

If you choose you can continue the process and over dye your sample in Linda Hartshorn’s workshop.

  All welcome
Students should bring:
A copper or iron pipe no longer than 15" (because it needs to fit in the steamer) and no bigger than 1 1/2" diameter.  Twine to tie your bundle.  Oven roasting bags.  Any vegetation you would like to use, optional.
Materials fee: 
$12.25 includes 1/2 yard wool fabric
Class fee
$50:00 (4hrs) + $12.25
Total:  $62.25

Sunday Afternoon Workshops

Sunday 1:30 - 4:30  (3 hours)
Wild Dyes from the Humboldt Fibershed
Linda Hartshorn 
                                                         THIS CLASS IS FULL

Create four different colors on wool yarn using natural wild plant dyes that grow abundantly in our area.  We will learn to prepare yarns for dyeing, how to use natural materials for mordanting, and how to extract color from plants.  We will also use minerals to modify and change colors. Take four small skeins of plant dyed yarn home with you.

Experience:  All welcome
Students should bring:
Gloves, old clothes and/or apron, scissors
Materials fee:  
Class fee
$40.00 + $25.00
Total:  $65.00 

Sunday  All-Day Workshops  9:00-4:30  (6 hours)          
                        (Break 12:00 -1:30)

 Sunday 9:00 - 4:30 (6 hours)    *Break  12:00 - 1:30
Introduction to Spinning Yarn on a Wheel
Crystal Estelle-Dobbs 

The craft of handspinning your own yarn is the foundation to a life-long passion of fiber arts! In this class you'll learn to spin a well-constructed singles wool yarn, then unspin to create a balanced 2-Ply yarn. As you build basic skills, learn to understand the mechanics of your wheel and accessory tools, plus how various wool structures, fiber preparations and spinning techniques effect your yarn and final projects. Lots of extra tips and tricks are packed into this intensive class! Highly recommended for both beginners and self taught handspinners who seek to improve their skills.

Experience:  Beginners and Self-Taught Spinners
Students should bring:  Spinning wheel in good working order, wheel oil, lazy kate, 3 bobbins, niddy noddy or umbrella swift
Materials fee:  $25.00 
Class fee:  $80.00 + $25.00

Total:  $105.00


Sunday 9:00 - 4:30 (6 hours)    *Break  12:00 - 1:30
Viking Knit Bracelets
Tracy Shapiro 

Learn the  ancient art of trichanopoly (Viking knit) to explore your inner jewelry designer. Using wire like thread and very basic tools you will be able to craft one of a kind masterpieces. You will also learn how to craft clasps and other findings to complete your jewelry creations.

Experience:  All welcome
Students should bring:
Work light suggested but not required
Materials fee:  
$35.00 includes all materials used in class, plus a spool of wire to take with you 
Class fee
$80.00 + $35.00
Total:  $115.00 

Sunday 9:00 - 4:30 (6 hours)     *Break  12:00 - 1:30
Upcycled Clothing
April Sproule                  CLASS CANCELLED

In this exciting class participants will learn the basics of creating stunning wearable art creations out of existing garments that are in need of some loving attention. The primary techniques covered will be stenciling and embroidery, and we will also give careful consideration to color and design options as well. Come and join us for a wondrous day of creativity and play.

Experience:  All welcome
Students should bring:
Garment to work on:  top, skirt, vest, anything that will lie flat.  Embroidery supplies:  8" embroidery hoop, embroidery floss or perle cotton.  Sewing machine, if desired.  General sewing supplies:  thread, needles, pins, scissors, marking tools, etc.
Materials fee:  
Class fee
$80.00 + $20.00
Total:  $100.00 



Sunday  9:00 - 4:30  (6 hours)     *Break  12:00 - 1:30
Adventures in COLOR Drum Carding
Janis Thompson           CLASS CANCELLED

You and your drum carder become really good friends in this explosion of colors, textures and carding techniques. FUN! FUN! FUN! Each student works with a colorway from the color wheel to create batts that are BURSTING with possibilities. We make adjustments to each color using tint, tone & shade to produce dimensional color within a color. A MUST for whose who LOVE or are SHY with color.

Experience:  All welcome
Students should bring:
drum carder 

Materials fee:  
Class fee
$80.00 + $15.00
Total:  $95.00



Sunday  9:00 - 4:30  (6 hours)   *Break 12:00 - 1:30
Basket Weaving
Laura Doyle  
**Katrina Sky Weaver will teach this class with Laura again this   year
    To learn more about Katrina visit her website at:                                                 
In this workshop, Laura will show you some of the local plants used in basket weaving.  She will get you started in the making of your own personal basket.  It is a fun class and fills fast.

Experience:  All skill levels
Students should bring:  Maybe an apron
Materials fee$20 includes all you need to make a basket
Class fee:  $80 + $20
Total:  $100.00

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