Our featured Artist for 2023 will be

Harry Wells

Our Featured Artist for 2022 will be 

Rima Greer 

Featured Artists 

Rima Greer 2022         Harry Wells 2023 ​​

Teaching and knitting are passions for Harry. In 2010, he retired from being a university professor to pursue knitting full-time, including teaching a myriad of classes at knitting conferences and fiber festivals. His extensive experience in classroom presentation and course preparation makes for an organized and engaging learning experience. He enjoys designing knitwear for both men and women, with an aesthetic that emphasizes texture and linear flow.

Check out his designs and blog at www.goodforaboy.com.

Teaching sustainable traditions for 29 years



Rima began sewing at age 6, learning from her mom, and began making her own wardrobe at 9.  She has studied handweaving with Anna Zinsmeister, Pattern Drafting at Otis College of the Arts in Los Angeles, and shoe making with Prescott & Mackay of London.

In 2004, Rima started Two Crows, an "adventure and romance apparel" company, exhibiting at juried art shows up and down the west coast.

In addition, Rima was the costume designer for Campanile, a Musical Percussion Theatre show which toured throughout the US, Canada, and Asia from 1986 to 2006, and she is currently a designer, and head of the costume department for North Coast Dance.

In 2009 she opened Eureka Fabrics in Old Town, where she sells high quality natural fiber and organic fabrics, teaches sewing, spinning, tatting, and pattern drafting, designs patterns for apparel and crafting projects, and is having the time of her life.