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Our 2017 Featured Artist
           Yael Bentovim    

About The Artist:
I was raised in Israel in the 1950’s. When I was 16 I left high school and moved to Switzerland. I lived there on my own for two years working and becoming fluent in French. At 18 I returned to Israel to serve in the military. I worked as a French and English translator. At 22 I came to the States to study art.
It was only in my last semester as an undergraduate art student at UCLA that I discovered my passion for working with threads and yarns.
I received an MA at UCLA in Environmental Fiber Art. My graduate show consisted of several large room size fiber constructed environments. I used crochet, weaving, wrapping and knotting. Looking back I marvel at the youthful energy and enthusiasm that empowered me to create such massive constructions.
Over the years I have moved away from the loom, but never away from fiber. In the late 1970’s I devised a technique of shredding raw sisal and then dying it with bright colors.
In the mid 80’s I began to incorporate handmade paper into my work, then clay and more recently glass and mosaic.
With time I have continued to add new materials to my pallet. I am now incorporating fused glass and tempered glass (the material in your car windshield) to create jewelry and large outdoor installations.

Check out her website:   http://www.yaelbentovim.com/

A small sampling of her work:

Each year we honor a local fiber producer
This year, 2017 we selected:
           Ben and Jamie Cohoon

More about Ben and Jamie coming soon!