I fell in love with felting after taking classes from Carin Engen.  I have taught felting classes at the Mattole Valley Schools as well as the Natural Fiber Fair.  I also teach herbal classes.  Check out my website;  hopespringsbotanicals.com

Ayala Talpai

Felted Dragon  Saturday PM  3 Hrs.

Janis Thompson

Eco Printing on Silk and Wool   Saturday  AM 4Hrs

Hope Wright

Felted Baskets  Sunday PM  3 Hrs.

Lori Goodman

Hand Paper Making  Saturday  6 Hrs.

LINDA HARTSHORN is known for unique dyework and lively use of color in her handwoven textiles. With over fifteen years of teaching experience, Linda shares her positive, fun and supportive style in workshops all over the country.  Linda teaches weaving for the Ink People Center for the Arts and weaves and dyes in her home in Northern California.

Laura has taught basket weaving to hundreds of people over many years.  Creating unique baskets from wildcrafted local plants, Laura shares her enthusiasm for weaving and harvesting.   She is currently teaching classes throughout Humboldt County and Northern California. 


Color-Texture-Fiber; themes of Crystal’s life. She believes crafting with fiber should be approached with the mindset of creating heirloom quality goods to be passed down to our ancestors. As owner of what was BollWeaver Yarns, Crystal has woven together her vast experiences teaching spinning, weaving, dyeing and knitting so her students can learn the skills to create heirloom goods.

Harry Wells

Mosaic Knitting  Saturday AM  3 Hrs.

Argyle Knitting   Saturday  PM  3 Hrs.

Janet Finch

Band Weaving 101  Sunday  6 Hrs.

Laura Doyle

Wildcrafted Baskets   Sunday  6 Hrs

Teaching sustainable traditions for 29 years

Crystal Estelle

Handspinner Fiber Exploration   Saturday  PM 3 Hrs.

Foundation of Handspinning  Sunday  6 Hrs

Join Crystal again this year in the Fiber Circle Saturday morning for a spinning wheel tune-up.  Fees may apply.


Linda Hartshorn

Painted Warps   Sunday  AM  3 Hrs

For about twenty years I was a serious weaver, spinner and natural dyer.  For fifteen of those years I owned a fiber art supply store in Eureka.  At some point weaving became too slow and not immediate enough for me and I discovered hand paper making.  I have been making paper ever since.  I went to get a master's degree in sculpture so that I could incorporate the paper with armatures for abstract sculptures and installations.  Please visit my website:  loribgoodman.com

Meet our



Teaching and knitting are passions for Harry.  In 2010, he retired from being a university professor to pursue knitting full-time, including teaching a myriad of classes at knitting conferences and fiber festivals.  His extensive experience in classroom presentation and course preparation makes for an organized and engaging learning experience.  He enjoys designing knitwear for both men and women, with an aesthetic that emphasizes texture and linear flow.  Check out his designs and blog at www.goodforaboy.com.

 Born in to a family of "makers", Janis will guide you through color, texture and technical adventures
with finesse and style!  As the staff dyer for Eugene Textile Center, Janis specializes in COLOR!
She does something with color every day to stoke her creative fire.  Janis'  new book,  Bundle, Steam, Print!  Eco-Print & Botanicals RECIPE BOOK, is filled with tips, tricks & techniques to guide you through the Eco printing process.  Available for Pre-Order NOW!   At  Eugene Textile Center - Fiber Art Classes and Supplies
Janis teaches for ETC, NWRSA, BSG, Guilds and Conferences all over these United States.

She is also on the committee to produce the Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon.

Janet Finch has been weaving and spinning for over 30 years. She has focused on narrow works and enjoys practicing several techniques from diverse cultures, and using various equipment. She likes to teach beginner weavers, and hopes to pass on some fun and useful skills.

Ayala introduced needle felting to the fiber world two decades ago with her oh-so-approachable workbooks.  She’s keeping it simple, affordable, and applicable anywhere fiber is found.  Her workshops are lively and productive.