Born in to a family of "makers", Janis will guide you through color, texture and technical adventures
with finesse and style!  As the staff dyer for Eugene Textile Center, Janis specializes in COLOR!
She does something with color every day to stoke her creative fire.  At her home studio in
Eugene, Oregon.... she is always dyeing something, rug hooking, spinning, carding batts with
lots of sparkles and thinking up new ways to engage people in her love of all things fiber!  
Janis teaches for ETC, NWRSA, BSG, Guilds and Conferences all over these United States.

She is also on the committee to produce the Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon.

Crystal Estelle

Color Exploration   Saturday

Foundation of Handspinning  Sunday

Laura Doyle with Katrina Weaver

Wildcrafted Baskets   Sunday

Laura has taught basket weaving to hundreds of people over many years.  Creating unique baskets from wildcrafted local plants, Laura shares her enthusiasm for weaving and harvesting.   She is currently teaching classes throughout Humboldt County and Northern California.  Katrina Weaver will be team teaching with Laura this year.

Color-Texture-Fiber; a theme in Crystal’s life since 1974. Owner of the former shop, Boll Weaver Yarns, she challenges herself to discover how to emphasize the unique qualities of the materials she works with. Currently she weaves together her experience teaching spinning, weaving, dyeing and knitting; nurturing an environment of exploration while helping others develop skill and technique.

LINDA HARTSHORN is known for unique dyework and lively use of color in her handwoven textiles. With over fifteen years of teaching experience, Linda shares her positive, fun and supportive style in workshops all over the country.  Linda teaches weaving for the Ink People Center for the Arts and weaves and dyes in her home in Northern California.


Janis Thompson

Rug Hooking   Saturday

Acid Dyeing   Sunday  

Some of our 2018 instructors

Our new list of instructors should be here by Early Spring

Linda Hartshorn

Natural Dyeing Red   Saturday

Beginning Inkle Weaving   Sunday

Teaching sustainable traditions for 29 years