Color-Color-Color-Color--Fiber   Sat.  9:00 - 12:00  &  1:30 - 4:30  6hrs.  (1 1/2 hour break)

Crystal Estelle

Spinners, felters, & other fiber artists, color is an important element of your work! Learn
how five basic colors transform into an infinite color range. Learn why fiber blended
colors are only an illusion. We will blend to create primary, secondary, intermediate,
pastel and shade colors. Create a textile color wheel with the samples you blend. Learn
how a thoughtful use of color creates a mood, can be deceptive, and turns your beautiful
textile work into “Art”!

Skills:  All skill levels

Need to Bring:  Hand cards, drum cards or blending board (drum carders preferred),  kitchen scale, hole punch

Materials fee:  $25.00  includes wool fiber, color wheel templates, tint shade templates

Class:  $80.00 + materials $25.00

Total:  $105.00

Saturday  AM

Sunday   All Day   6 hrs.    (Break for lunch)

Intro to Acid Dyeing   Sun.   12:30 - 4:30   4 hrs.

Janis Thompson

Learn the Janis way to use Jacquard Acid Dyes. Using all safety precautions
we will explore mixing stock solutions, Primary, Secondary & Tertiary colors on
Yarn, Roving and Fleece. High immersion, low immersion and handpaint will
all be done in class by students. You will leave with plenty to spin and a
more confident comfort level for your own dye kitchen.

Skills:  All levels

Need to Bring:  All materials provided 

Materials fee:  $10.00 includes colors and materials to dye

Class:  $50.00 + materials $10.00

Total:  $60.00

Sunday   AM

Natural Dyeing:  Red from Roots, Wood and Bugs   Sat.  1:30 - 4:30   3 hrs.

Linda Hartshorn                              This Class is Full

Natural dyed reds come from different plant sources as well as from insects!  In this workshop we will dye wool yarn with the classic dyes -  madder, Brazilwood, cochineal, and lac. Learn how to mordant and prepare the different dyebaths. Take home four sample skeins in four different beautiful shades of red.

Skills:  Any level

Need to Bring:  Old clothes and/or apron, gloves, black sharpie marker, scissors, one skein of undyed protein fiber yarn (optional) to dye if time permits.

Materials fee:  $25.00 includes Natural dyes, mordants, workshop notebook with recipes

Class:  $40.00 +  materials $25.00

Total:  $65.00

Saturday  All Day   6hrs.    (Break for lunch)

Basket Weaving with Wildcrafted Plants   Sun.  9-12 & 1:30 - 4:30   6 hrs.   (break for lunch)

Laura Doyle

Learn Laura's method of harvesting and weaving baskets from locally wildcrafted plants.  Laura will teach you how to create a basket from start to finish and you will go home with your own unique, useful piece of art.

Skills:  All levels

Need to bring:  Sharp pair of garden clippers, gloves, a towel and an apron.

Materials fee:  $30.00

Class:  $80.00 + materials $30.00

Total: $110.00

Teaching sustainable traditions for 28 years

Scandinavian Plaited Basket   Sat.  9:00 - 12:00 & 1:30 - 4:30    6 hrs.  (1 1/2 hr. break)

Tracy Shapiro

Learn the basic “plaited” basket technique so often found in Scandinavia. In Scandinavia, these baskets were used for everything from “backpacks” to bread pans. These baskets were traditionally woven out of birch bark, but we will be using a much more available material of heavy paper. This basketry technique is very different from other basket weaving. In most basket weaving, the “spokes/stakes” and the “weavers” are separate elements. In plaited basket weaving, the spokes and weavers are the same elements. The plaited basketry technique is very versatile and is also found around the world in such items as hat and mat weaving. In this workshop we will be weaving a small square made out of pre-prepared heavy paper strips.

Skills:  No experience required

Need to bring:  All materials, instruction and tools are supplied.

Materials fee:  $25.00  includes materials to make a basket

Class:  $80.00 + materials $25.00

Total:    $105.00

  2018  Workshops


Foundation of Handspinning -- A balanced 2 Ply Yarn  Sun.  9-12 & 1:30 - 4:30  6 hrs. (break for lunch)

Crystal Estelle

The craft of handspinning was my foundation to a life-long passion of fiber arts! In
this 6 hour intensive class you'll create wool yarn from start to finish using a treadle
spinning wheel. Learn how various wool structures and fiber preparations effect
your yarn as you build basic handspinning skills. Gain an understanding of the
mechanics of your wheel, accessory tools and spinning techniques using the Point of
Contact, aka, Medium Backward Draft method of spinning. An excellent class for

Beginners and Self-Taught Spinners.

Skills:  All levels

Need to bring: Spinning wheel, wheel oil, lazy kate (tensioned preferred), 3-4 bobbins, niddy
noddy, 3x5 rug or towel. A few wheels are available to use during class, please notify instructor in advance. 

Materials fee:  $15.00 includes wool fiber and handouts

Class:  $80.00 + materials $15.00

Total:  $95.00

Baby Mermaids

Felt Folk With Hollow Skins             1:30 - 4:30  3 hrs. 

Ayala Talpai

Some years ago, Ayala's next workbook was put aside in the face of TOO MUCH LIFE.  With this workshop, we pick up where she left off -- and you'll be first to try it out!

We will be using a combination of traditional wet felting, some soft sculpture techniques, and of course facilitate our version with THE FELTING NEEDLE!  The model for this workshop is small and of few parts -- the coming workbook will have patterns for a number of figures about 15" high.  You'll get to see photos!

Skills:  All levels

Need to bring:  Foam sponge, cake of soap (any kind), good scissors,  pint water container, small plastic tub, old towel

Materials fee:  $20.00  includes 2 felting needles, feltable fiber, stuffing wool, sewing needle, skewers and other small tools, patterns and envelopes, written instructions, resist materials.

Class:  $40.00 + materials $20.00

Total:  $60.00

Sunday    PM

Needle Felted Fall Figure    Sat.  1:30 - 4:30    3hrs.

Tricia Lambert

We will learn a few basic needle felting techniques and create a free standing needle felted figure.  Materials will be naturally dyed wool in fall colors. Participants will follow the teacher in making a basic figure and then be encouraged to embellish and design a figure of their choosing.

Skills:  Any level

Need to bring:  nothing required

Materials fee:  $15.00 includes all fibers to complete the project, two felting needles and sponge, plus embellishments for the figure.

Class:  $40.00 + materials $15.00

Total:  $55.00

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Saturday    PM

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Workshops 2018

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Natural Fiber Fair, PO Box 384 Blue Lake, CA 95525               Pay Pal is the better option in August and September !
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You can contact Sara by email at:  with Workshop in the subject line

Wet Felting a Seamless Vessel    Sat. 9:00 - 12:00         3hrs.

Hope Wright

We will use a template to make a seamless wet felted vessel. It will be white on one side and colored on the other side. We will use roving, soap, water and elbow grease to make a beautiful and useful object

Skill Level:  Any level

Need to bring:  An apron or clothes that can get wet and soapy

Materials fee:  $35.00 includes kit with roving, tutu lace, template and an instruction sheet

Class fee:   $40.00 + materials $35.00

Total:  $75.00

Intro to Inkle Weaving   Sun.   9:00 - 12:00    3 hrs.

Linda Hartshorn

 An inkle loom is a simple, easy to use loom for making bands and straps. Choose your favorite colors in shiny cottons, set up the loom and weave a beautiful belt. Learn to create patterning by varying the color order of the yarns.  Take home a pattern for a stylin’ shopping bag you can make with your handwoven inkle bands.

Skills:  No experience required

Need to Bring:  Inkle loom (open-sided style like Schact or Ashford), belt shuttle, scissors.   Please do not bring a two-sided inkle loom.  I have several inkle looms and shuttles I can loan if I am notified in advance.  Schact inkle looms will also be on sale in the vendor hall if you want to purchase one at the fair.

Materials fee:  $15.00 includes cotton yarns, workshop notebook. 

Class:  $40.00 + materials $15.00

Total:  $55.00

Nantucket Rug Hooking   Sat.    9:00 - 1:00    4 hrs 

Janis Thompson

Nantucket rug hooking refers specifically to using YARN as your loops.
You do not need to be a spinner or knitter to take this class. It’s for everyone!
If you are a spinner or knitter, this is a fantastic way to use up all those small bits
leftover from other projects to make something with almost free materials that you
already have, WOW. Each student will receive a hook, several pieces of linen canvas
and a small pattern to hook at home. This is a great way to create Seasonal Decorating
for the home. Santa Banner, Pumpkins, Stars & Stripes, you get the idea.

Skill level:  Any level

Need to Bring:  Supplies provided 

Materials fee:  $5.00     includes a hook, several pieces of linen canvas and a small pattern to hook at home.

Class fee:  $50.00 + materials $5.00

Total:  $55.00