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All classes are Pacific Time (PT)

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OOPS!  Correcting Knitting Mistakes and Learning to Read Your Knitting

Harry Wells

​Sunday,  Sept. 12   1-3pm (PT)  2hrs.

This class is specifically designed for beginning knitters and will make you a more competent, informed knitter.  Ever look at your knitting and say, "What happened THERE?", or panicked as a dropped stitch ran down it, or picked up your knitting project and wondered "Where am I in the pattern?"-how many decreases/increases have I worked, what row was I on, etc.? And why did this end up too big/too small?? Take this class! Divided into two sections, "Knowing Where You Are" and "Identifying and Correcting Mistakes", this class teaches how to "read" your knitting--to recognize what you are looking at, where you are, what to do next, whether that be correcting a problem or moving ahead!

Skill prerequisite:  Participants must be able to do the basic long tail cast-on without assistance, and do basic stitches like k, p, k2tog, p2tog, SSK.

Supplies to have on hand:Worsted weight wool or wool blend yarn, Size 7 straight or 16” circular needles,  stitch markers, locking stitch markers or knitter’s pins, Knitter’s Repair hook or a crochet hook (size F or G is best), Ruler, tape measure, or Knit Chek (recommended), tapestry needle and scissors, perle cotton or fingering weight waste yarn
A class handout will be sent out electronically in advance and students will need to print it up for class.

Homework swatches to be completed and brought to class using yarn and needles in supply list: 
Swatch #1:
    CO 21 sts.
    Rows 1-5: Knit
    Row 6: K3, P15, K3
    Row 7: Knit
    Repeat Rows 6 & 7 for 4” from CO edge.
    Knit 4 rows, and bind off.

Swatch #2:
    CO 20 sts
    Knit every row for 4”.
    Bind off

Class fee: $30.00

Total: $30.00

Weaving in a Parallel Universe

Linda Hartshorn

This class is 7hrs total.    Friday, Sept. 10,      10-11am, 1-2pm,  4-5pm (PT)

                                               Saturday, Sept. 11,   10-11am,  1-2pm,  4-5pm (PT)

                                               Sunday,    Sept. 12,   10am (PT)

Explore a parallel universe of possibilities in weaving! Parallel threadings are incredibly versatile and can be used to weave a variety of structures including echo weave twills and jin (polychrome turned taquete). Set up your 8 shaft loom with the threading of your choice in four warp colors. Using various treadlings and tieups, weave vibrant colorways, echoes and iridescence.  Learn how to create a parallel threading and how to use network drafting. Study a variety of drafts, view demonstrations with weaving software, and weave samples on your loom at home. Add the power of parallel threadings to your weaving repertoire. 

Level:intermediate – advanced. Threading are long and complicated with a dense sett. 8 shaft loom required. Students will need to buy yarn and warp their looms according to directions prior to class.

Class fee: $105.00.  no materials fee

Total:  $105.00 


​​Needle Tatting to Create Lace and Jewelry

Rima Greer

Friday, Sept. 10,  10am-12pm (PT)  2hrs

Use a needle and thread to create beautiful lace trim, fabric, and even jewelry! Easy for fiber enthusiasts ages 9 to 90. You’ll learn all the basic stitching techniques, how to read a pattern, or create your own, and even add beads to your lace creations! And you’ll leave class with a lovely lace applique or pendant. 

Materials for this class may be purchased directly from Eureka Fabrics at the store or website.  $19 fee for set of three tatting needles in different sizes, two needle threaders, small crochet hook, and thread to start you out.

Class fee:  $30.00

Total:  $30.00 

Knitting the Hexagon Stitch and Other K1 Below Textured Stitches

Harry Wells

Friday, Sept. 10am-12p (PT)  2hrs.

Knitting in the Stitch below is a stitch that creates a wide variety of textural interest. We will learn and practice the K1 Below technique on a two-color check pattern and then move on to the more complex Hexagon stitch. Several other textural stitches with 1, 2 and 3 colors will be presented. Also, a complex 2 needle cast-on will be taught appropriate for the Hexagon Stitch and any other expansive knitted fabric. 

​Skill prerequisite: Participants must be able to do the following without assistance: (long tail cast-on preferred), knitting, purling, and basic increases and decreases (k2tog, ssk, etc.) 
List of materials and/ or advanced preparation required of students.
Several small balls (20 grs each) of worsted weight yarn in different colors to work practice swatches in class, size 6 needles, stitch markers.. Also, one needle, size 4 (straight or dpn). A class handout will be sent out electronically in advance and students will need to print it up for class.

​No Materials fee

Class Fee:  $30.00

Total:  $30.00

Sewing With Your Handwovens/Fearlessly Make More than Scarves

Rima Greer

Friday, Sept. 10    1pm-3pm (PT)  2hrs.

You love to weave, but you’re tired of scarves, placemats, and dish towels. Wouldn’t it be GREAT to wear your precious handwovens? But OMG how can you bear to cut into them! You’ll learn drafting and sewing techniques that will take the fear out of sewing with your hand woven art. 

​Class fee:  $30.00

Total:  $30.00

Knitting - Introduction to the Brioche Stitch

Sunni Scrivner 

Saturday,  Sept. 11   9am-12pm. (PT)  3hrs.

​Brioche stitch has become incredibly popular over the past couple of years. It can be a tricky stitch to master. In this class, Sunni will introduce you to one color and two color Brioche knitted flat. You will learn the names of the stitches, how to work them, and tips on making this stitch easier.  Participants will need to have a 16-inch circular needle in size US 8, several locking stitch markers, pen or pencil and paper and a small pair of scissors.

Materials: 2 colors of worsted weight wool yarn may be purchased from Yarn for $15 at the store, 518 Russ St. Eureka, CA. or on the website

Class Fee:  $45.00

Total:  $45.00

Singing the Blues:  Dyeing with Fresh Indigo

John Marshall

Saturday, Sept. 11   9-11am (PT)  2hrs.

We will be exploring how to develop a range of blues using fresh-leaf indigo from the garden. This will include direct application of leaves as well as vat dyeing using non-reduction vats – all centered around a number of creative projects. The Zoom-based class will be recorded and the recording will be available for students to review at their leisure for one month after the class.
​Note: I normally set up a webpage specifically for each class I teach. This one will be 
​For those students who do not have access to fresh Japanese indigo, it may be ordered from John for an additional $25 (PO included)
List of materials and/ or advanced preparation required of students.
Students will need to have fresh indigo plants (Persicaria tinctoria) available to follow the lessons. If unavailable, it may be ordered from John, see below.
a kitchen blender
chilled water (ice water) 1-2 quarts
a few mixing bowls
a few old white dishes (old saucers or rice bowls work well)
a smooth rock about the size of a chicken egg
a few gallon-size ziplock  bags
rubber gloves (optional)
pH paper (optional)
sharp, pointy scissors or parakeet toenail clippers
-plastic  (Saran) wrap
Additionally, You may purchase this list of materials: directly from John Marshall’s website :
Material fee: $55 (domestic Flat Rate Priority shipping included)
What materials are provided in the material fee?
-a sampler of natural fibers and weaves
-basic assists
basic tie dye supplies
pre-resisted rice-paste image on silk
pre-resisted wax resist on cotton
-silk plum blossom jacquard
Japanese indigo pigment

Materials:  $55. See above and if needed, purchase directly from his website.

Class Fee: $30.00.   

Total:  $30.00 


Japanese Boro Inspired Stitching

April Sproule

This class is 6 hours total    Saturday, Sept. 11   9-12 am (PT)  3 hrs

                                                         Saturday, Sept. 18     9-12 am (PT) 3hrs. (6

Boro Stitching is a type of hand stitching that originated in Japan as a way to mend or patch together clothing or other cloth items. It has now become known for its relaxing, meditative benefits that make it so enjoyable and captivating. 
We will cover: Tools and supplies ● Basic stitches and variations ● Making a stitch sampler ● Applique and reverse applique for mending and decoration
There will be plenty of time for everyone to spend on their projects in class in between demonstrations.  The Slow Stitching movement has really taken hold, and its popularity was grown for very good reason.

Materials – needle and embroidery thread and scraps of cotton or muslin for practicing stitches.. Optional companion Boro kit is available on April's website. 

Click on the link below for additional information on the Boro Stitch class

Class fee:  $90.00

Total:  $90.00

Crocheted Lace

Kira Dulaney

Saturday, Sept. 11   1-3pm (PT)  2hrs

Crocheted lace can be amazingly beautiful, and doesn’t have to be tricky. We’ll work up samples of different crocheted lace stitch patterns in this fun class, moving from simple mesh to geometric lace to a lacy shell stitch, reading both written instructions and stitch diagrams. You can make swatches, or use them as the beginning of three lace scarves! We will also discuss some indie designers that specialize in crocheted lace patterns. 

Materials:  Three balls of easy-to-see yarn (small amounts are fine,

or bring full skeins to start scarves),

crochet hook in size(s) appropriate for your yarn(s),

removable stitch markers.

Classs fee:$30.00

Total: $30.00