Needle Tatting to Create Lace and Jewelry

Rima Greer of Eureka Fabrics

Saturday, Sept. 10   9am-12pm   3hrs

Participants in Rima's classes are asked to wear a mask due to Covid19 and health concerns  Thanks!

Use a needle and thread to create beautiful lace trim, fabric, and even jewelry! Easy for fiber enthusiasts ages 9 to 90. You’ll learn all the basic stitching techniques, how to read a pattern, or create your own, and even add beads to your lace creations! And you’ll leave class with a lovely lace applique or pendant. 

$20 fee for set of three tatting needles in different sizes, two needle threaders, small crochet hook, and thread to start you out. The kit will be provided at the workshop.

Class fee:  $50.00

Class with the kit: $70.00

Class if you have already purchased the kit  $50.00 


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Warp Painting for Weavers                         Class Closed
Linda Hartshorn
Sunday, Sept. 11  1:30 - 4:30. 3hrs
Painted warps add a whole new dimension to your weaving, and they are so much fun to weave on! Paint a warp for your project with fiber reactive dyes. Learn how to see a warp emphasis fabric, and how to use warp painting in combination with various weave structures. Take your painted warp home to weave!
We will be painting warps for a tencel scarf. The warps will be pre-wound at home according to instructions. Suggestions and ideas for how to weave the project will also be given.
Students should bring: warp wound according to instructions. Gloves, old clothes/apron, plastic bags to put wet warps in, scissors, and a black sharpee marker. Bring 2 heavy dowels or broomsticks about 18” long and 4 ‘C’ clamps. (‘C’ clamps should be large enough to clamp on to a table.
Material fee:  $15 includes: Dyes, brushes, workshop notebook with recipes.
Class fee:  $50.00
Total including materials:  $65.00 

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Sunday All Day

Descriptions of the

2022 Classes below

Saturday Classes

Weave 2 American Maid Cotton Washcloths       *Continues from Saturday 

This class is 9hrs
See Saturday Morning classes.
Michele Belson  of Lunatic Fringe 
Saturday,  Sept. 10. 9:00 - 12:00 & 1:30 - 4:30
Sunday,   Sept. 11.  9:00 - 12:00


Sewing With Your Handwovens/Fearlessly Make More than Scarves
Rima Greer

Sunday, Sept. 11.  1:30 - 4:30.  3 hrs

​      Participants in Rima's classes are asked to wear a mask due to Covid19 and health

      concerns.  Thanks!

You love to weave, but you’re tired of scarves, placemats, and dish towels. Wouldn’t it be GREAT to wear your precious handwovens? But OMG how can you bear to cut into them! You’ll learn drafting and sewing techniques that will take the fear out of sewing with your hand woven art.

Have your notebook and pencil ready - you’re going to want to take notes!  If you’d like to sew along (not required), you’ll need some scrap fabric (muslin or an old sheet would be perfect!), and either your sewing machine or hand needle and thread.  Scissors and pins. 
Class fee:  $50.00
Total:  $50.00


Appalachian Style Baskets
Laura Doyle 
Sunday, Sept 11.  9:00 - 12:00 & 1:30 - 4:30  6hrs
Learn Laura's methods of harvesting and weaving baskets from local wild crafted plants.  Laura will show you how to make a basket from start to finish.  The variation in finished baskets is always amazing.  You will have your own unique useful piece of art.
All skill levels are welcome.
Bring: a good pair of garden shears, pliers, apron and gloves.
Materials fee:  $60.00. includes  all the materials to make a basket.
Class fee:  $90.00
Total including materials: $150.00

Saturday Afternoon Classes

Mermaids.  Needle Felting People on Armatures

Ayala Talpai

​Saturday, Sept. 10.   9:00 - 12:00 & 1:30 - 3:30.    5hrs.

Armaturesfor Poseable Needlefelted Figures
This is a workshop on using wire armatures for easily posing needlefelted humanesque figures, in this case MERMAIDS.  
We do not wish to distract you from calling forth your own Inner Mermaid, therefore the example in the photograph is without embellishments such as eyeshadow, fish scales, any sort of garment… Leaving her wide open for embroidery, beadwork, applique– whatever is your pleasure!
In dealing with her tail or any sort of fins that seem  necessary, you’ll pick up a few techniques that are also applicable to WINGS.
Please bring some decent scissors.  Your instructress will provide all else!

Material fee:  $10.00 includes everything necessary to walk in cold and

make this mermaid.

Beginners welcome!

Class fee:  $75.00

Total including materials:  $85.00


 Workshops 2022    

All classes are Pacific Time (PT)

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​Sunday Afternoon

Foundation of Handspinning -- A Balanced 2 Ply Yarn

Crystal Estelle

Sunday, Sept. 11.  9:00 - 12:00 & 1:30 - 4:30.  6hrs

​The craft of handspinning is the foundation to a life-long passion in fiber arts! Discover how to create wool yarn from start to finish using a treadle spinning wheel and a medium grade wool. Since we don’t always spin medium grade wools, also learn how various wool grades affect your yarn. Develop basic handspinning skills using the Point of Contact spinning technique, aka Medium Backward Draft, which can be used to spin many types of fibers (not just wool!) from 1” to 6” long. Gain an understanding of the mechanics of your wheel and use accessory tools to finish your yarn. You’ll leave with a beautiful skein of yarn ready to use in a project. An excellent class for Beginners and Self-Taught Spinners.

What to bring: Spinning wheel, wheel oil, lazy kate (tensioned preferred), 4 bobbins, niddy noddy, 3x5 rug or towel, notebook. A few wheels are available to use during class, please notify the instructor in advance. email:    or call:   707-832-9454 

Advanced Preparation: Meet with Crystal Saturday in the spinning circle from 12 to 1 to tune-up your spinning wheel. Fees for needed wheel parts replacement will apply, to be paid directly to Crystal. 

Materials fee:  $35.00. includes wool fiber and handouts

Class fee:  $90.00

Total including materials:  $125.00


​Saturday All Day Classes

​Sunday Morning

Baltic Checked Bands the Traditional Way
Tracy Shapiro

Sunday, Sept. 11.  1:30 - 4:30.   3hrs
In this class, we will be weaving a “Baltic Checked Pattern Band” bookmark while learning the basics of using a traditional Heddle Rod/Spring Heddle loom. Looms will be set up and ready for students to get started weaving at the beginning of the class. A warping demonstration and finishing techniques will be covered. All skill levels are welcome. No experience is required.
Material fee: $10.00 includes: Yarn and an instructional handout
No prep
Class fee:  $50.00
Total including materials: $60.00. 

The Endless Possibilities of Color             Class Closed
Crystal Estelle      

Saturday, Sept 10.  9:00 - 12:00 & 1:30 - 4:30.  6hrs
Imagine the possibilities, three primary cool hues and three neutrals used to create hundreds of possible color blends, including tints, shades, and tones! Add three more colors (warm hues-we won’t in this class due to time constraints, but the process is exactly the same!) and double the colors! This class is a fun, wool oriented approach to the world of color mixing/blending and color theory. Not only will you blend wool for a color wheel based on cool hues, you’ll also use the blends to create wool color fairies based on color theories that result in pleasing color harmonies. Handspinners, needle felters, dyers, knitters, quilters, all those who create from their own visions will gain skills and insight from this class.
Please bring: a dog brush or hand card or blending board, box of sandwich baggies & pen to label, glue, gram kitchen scale. Optional; table clamp.
No advanced preparation
Material fee:  $40.00 includes Wool, Color Wheel, Pocket Guide to Color Mixing, Handouts, Fairy Doll Parts, Felting Needles
Class fee: $90.00
Total including materials:  $130.00

Teaching sustainable traditions for 29 years

Pysanky! Fabulous Ukrainian style wax resist-dyed eggs
Tracy Shapiro
Saturday,  Sept. 10.  1:30 - 4:30   3 hrs
Called Pysanky, from the Ukrainian word meaning “to write”, these fabulously decorated eggs are a treasured part of many eastern European cultures and although they are now most closely associated with Springtime they are fun to make any time of the year. In this class, you will learn the basics of the Ukrainian-style Pysanky. We will be using beeswax in a “batik” dyeing method to “write” the designs onto the egg to create intricate and vibrantly colored one-of-a-kind works of art. All skill levels are welcome. No experience is required.
All materials and equipment will be provided for use during the workshop.

No advanced preparation is needed.
Material fee: $15.00 includes  the supplies used during the workshop and, in addition, students will go home with their own Kistka, beeswax, drying board, and drying stick.
Class fee:  $50.00
Total including materials:  $65.00

Weave 2 American Maid Cotton Washcloths      This class is 9hrs
Michele Belson of Lunatic Fringe 
Saturday,  Sept. 10. 9:00 - 12:00 & 1:30 - 4:30
Sunday,   Sept. 11.  9:00 - 12:00

Weave 2 wash cloths from Sustainably grown, American Maid Cotton on a rigid heddle loom. Saturday morning you will learn to direct warp a Rigid Heddle Loom and get WARPED. Saturday afternoon will provide instruction on making good cloth. Sunday morning we will cover using a pick-up stick for a simple pattern and take your projects off the loom and finish your washcloths to use!. Come enjoy learning to weave on these amazing little looms.
No experience required.
Bring a pair of scissors and measuring tape and  Students need a Rigid Heddle Loom, at least 12.5” wide, an 8 dent heddle and a direct warping peg and threading hook
Material fee: $10 includes 3/2 American Maid Cotton to weave 2 washcloths, hand outs and small accessories. 
Michele will have up to 10 looms available to rent for an additional $35 Half the rental fee will be applied to the purchase of a loom. 
Class fee: $135 + $12 materials = $147.00
Class fee with additional rental of loom: = $182.00

Organic Indigo                                     This Class Is Full

Linda Hartshorn

Saturday, Sep. 10  1:30 - 4:30. 3 hrs

Discover the Organic Indigo Vat, a way of indigo dyeing that uses fruits and other natural substances to dye beautiful natural blues. Developed by Michel Garcia, the
“1 2 3” method works faster than fermenta:on and does not require the use of chemicals. In our workshop we will create a vat and dye fabric samples and wool yarns. Learn how to replenish and keep an indigo vat going. Make a mini vat in a jar to take home with you!

Students should bring: Gloves, old clothes and/or apron, scissors, black sharpee marker, a one quart wide mouthed mason jar with lid, one UNDYED skein of natural fiber yarn, maximum 4 oz., to dye if time permits.

Material fee: $20 includes: Dye vat ingredients, fabric, wool yarn, workshop notebook. 
Class fee: $50

Total including materials:  $70.00. 

Learning the Most Ancient Art. Wet felting a Bag
Hope Wright

Sunday, Sept 11. 9:00 - 12:00. 3hrs
In this class, we will wet felt a bag.  We will use several techniques.  Come ready to get soapy and wet and have some felting fun with me.
There is no advanced prep, just get ready to get wet.
Materials fee: $50.00 includes a kit with fiber for making this project, a template and detailed instructions. 
Class fee:  $50.00
Total including materials:  $100.00