Needle Felting:  Making Faces  3hrs              Workshop is full

Ayala Talpai

Getting all emotional with Needle Felting, we will make all kinds of faces!  Whimsy and magical......

Students need to bring:  nothing, everything provided, no prep

$7.00 Material fee includes:  Workbook, 2 felting needles, foam surface, armature wire, various wool and locks.

Class fee:  $40.00 + $7.00

Total:  $47.00

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Warp Painting for Weavers  3hrs   ---   Workshop is full! 

Linda Hartshorn

Painted warps add a whole new dimension to your weaving, and they are so much fun to weave on! Paint a warp for a tencel scarf with fiber reactive dyes. Learn how to sett a warp emphasis fabric, and how to use warp painting in combination with various weave structures. Take your painted warp home to weave!
The warps will be pre-wound at home and tied according to instructions.  We will stretch them out and paint them during the workshop.

Students need to bring:  Warp of tencel wound at home according to instructions, gloves, old clothes/apron, plastic bags to put wet warps in. Two heavy dowels or broomsticks about 18” long and 4 ‘C’ clamps .

$10.00 Materials fee includes:  Dyes and workshop notebook

Class fee:  $40.00 + $10.00

Total:  $50.00

9:00 - 12:00

Continental Knitting

Kathy Myers

Learn how to cast-on, knit, purl and bind off. If time and the learning permits we will cover picking up a dropped stitch, increase and decrease, and yarn-over.
Hand-out will include a brief history of knitting, terms and abbreviations. The goal is to leave the class with a narrow sample scarf on the needles and the skill and confidence to finish the project at home.

No prep necessary

$20.00 Materials fee includes knitting needles and yarn

Class: $40.00 + $20.00

Total:  $60.00

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Organic Indigo                 Workshop is Full!

Linda Hartshorn

Discover the Organic Indigo Vat, a way of indigo dyeing that uses fruits and other natural substances to dye beautiful natural blues. Developed by Michel Garcia, the “1 2 3” method works faster than fermentation and does not require the use of chemicals. In our workshop we will create a vat and dye fabric samples and wool yarns.  Learn how to replenish and keep an indigo vat going. Make a mini vat in a jar to take home with you!

Students need to bring:  Gloves, old clothes and/or apron, scissors, black sharpee marker, one UNDYED skein of natural fiber yarn, maximum 4 oz., to dye as time permits.

$20.00 Materials fee includes:  Dye vat ingredients, fabric, wool yarn, quart jar, workshop notebook.

Class fee:  $40.00 + $20.00

Total:  $60.00

Workshops 2017

Foundation of Handspinning    6hrs         Workshop is Full

Crystelle Estelle-Perkins

The craft of handspinning was my foundation to a life-long passion of fiber arts! In this 6 hour intensive class you'll create wool yarn from start to finish using a treadle spinning wheel. Learn how various wool structures and fiber preparations effect your yarn as you build basic handspinning skills. Gain an understanding of the mechanics of your wheel, accessory tools and spinning techniques using the Medium Backward Draft method of spinning. An excellent class for Beginners and Self-Taught Spinners.

Students need to bring:   Spinning wheel, wheel oil, lazy kate (tensioned preferred), 3-4 bobbins, niddy noddy.  A few wheels are available to use during class, please notify instructor 

$15.00 Materials fee includes:  Wool fiber and handouts

Class fee:  $80.00 + $15.00

Total:  $95.00

A Sample of our




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Teaching sustainable traditions for 27 years

Twined Sweets Basket    6hrs

Tracy Shapiro

This all day class will use the Twining technique to create an approximately 6” Sweets Basket (cup shaped basket with a simple scalloped top) Students will leave class with either a finished basket or all the materials needed to finish their basket.
Students need to bring:  All materials provided

$15.00 Materials fee includes:  all materials and instruction booklet

Class fee:  $80.00 + $15.00

Total:  $95.00

Basket Weaving

Laura Doyle

Always a popular class, Laura will teach you to make a beautiful basket with local wild crafted plants.

You will learn the names of many of the local plants used in basket making.  By the end of class you will have the skills to start and finish a basket on your own.  Materials are provided.

Students need to bring:  Apron, pair of plant clippers and gloves

$20.00 materials fee includes all materials for the basket

Class fee:  $80.00 + $20.00

Total:  $100.00